Welcome to the QOMM website. I hope by now that you’ve had a chance to listen to and watch “The Thought Of Floating In Space” on the Homepage. In the next few weeks, we will be releasing 2 more pieces of music with accompanying films onto the website. The second, “How Vainly Men Themselves Amaze” is already completed and the third, “Galaxies”, is being edited as I write.

Many of you will now be familiar with at least some of the incredible NASA images coming from the International Space Station. Commander Hadfield’s daily feed of wonderful photographic images of the earth from space were making him into a star even before he got his guitar out; the glorious pictures are still coming through daily from the astronauts currently up on the ISS such as Karen Nyberg and Luca Parmitano.

The footage that we’ve used in this first film is out there for everyone to see and enjoy on the NASA website (see Credits section for details), but I hope you’ll agree that it has been beautifully edited (I take no credit for this!) and combines really well with the music.
The next film will have some more amazing space sequences as well as a few human beings cropping up…the music is a vocal/orchestral piece featuring Natasha Marsh. You can keep in touch with us and receive updates via the Contact section of this website.